Monday, April 7, 2008

Spearfishing News

Hey guys,

After a fairly event less weekend its back to the grind stone. There was some diving to be had, but no bells and whistles. The vis was more than good enough for a bugg hunt and I saw a number of guys diving, but no fish?

I just looked at the sea, it was very low so it was hard to tell if it had cleaned up with the west. I thought that we would get very good water by now! The tide is high in the morning and there will be less chance of it being churnned up, but there is some swell forcast.

Also hot off the press is the news that the Wahoo Winter Game Fish has been given the green light. The 'Powers at Be' were giving the guys the run around and at one stage it looked like it was not going to happen.
That said they have restricted the number of boats to 30!!! this means that if you are not in quick you could very well miss out.

The forms and details for registration are still getting finalized ...but as soon as they are available I will post them.

Anyway thats all for now....



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