Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wild Weekend - and the Spot!

Wayne and Gary getting stuck into the action!

Friday and Saturday went nuts down the south coast. And I think it caught every on by surprise, and the only guys out on the spot that was cooking were a tight group of mates. Wayne and Gary got "lucky" and had a fat jol in the process.

The North Coast was not as 'hot' but the water was good though and some fish did come out. But nothing like the South Coast.

At home we have seen quiet a bit of diving pressure as the guys hungry for some action have been scouting the spots. This has meant that guys travel from far and wide to come climb into some fish, causing some crowding at some spots. I dont blame the guys, we all like to get some fish.

But lets face it, no one likes diving in a crowd, its just unproductive! It amazes me that guys will still swim out to a spot when there are already a couple guys on the spot.

That said the other day ..during the week. I went to a remote local spot, its not a secret or anything, just remote. Warren and myself started diving it many many years ago, and to my knowledge no one else really dived it. Any way my mate who was with me that day, a local chap who lives 5min drive from the spot, was keen to get away from the crowds and head out to the spot.

We got in the water as it was getting light, the current was going the wrong way and by the time we got to the ledge another chap who's name I will not mention, was already there.
We kept or distance, just good diving etiquette and actually landed up diving almost off the spot. But hey he was there first!!

About 40min into the dive he comes swimming past in a serious huff. I recognize him (he is a mate who lives an hour south and often comes up here to dive) and say my hello's. Only to be greeted by cursing and that I had "brought every one" along with me. I was actually so gob smacked that I did not even answer him.

This incident was seriously uncalled for, in surfing there is hardcore localism that prevails at some spots. I do hope that this is not going to become the case with our beautiful sport.

That said I have got loads of flack (via the grape vine) by some..... like this chap for this blog. There are some that feel that the blog promotes diving in our area and is ruining the piece of heaven they have.

Funny its the same faces that have been coming diving long before this blog started.
And if any one has a problem, please rather just be man enough to stand up. (that's an invitation!)



Anonymous said...

So where is the spot?? - shaun

Coatesman said...


Lets just say you know the 'Spot' well!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey shauno It is were you shot your prodigal and rich cut his finger.