Friday, February 22, 2008

We missed the Dive!!!

We Missed it!!
At the beginning of the week the sea was looking epic, blue blue blue ..... then this swell came along. I thought, "well how long will this last? a day or two?"
Wrong .... but never mind that the skies opened up and the rivers pumped mud for two days and in an instant the sea looked kuk!

All except one spot ........ flip I went to a building sight up north yesterday morning and to my surprise the water was clean. You could sea the brown river water north and south of this 'last outpost' and it was definably diveable.
I was keen for to get in but the north east pumped and all hopes of an arvo dive were erroded. By now the river water has claimed the 'last outpost' and the barbel reign supreme.

The long term forecast is looking bleak with another west coming on Tuesday so hopefully we will get a dive in some time next week.

Flip this is just not how summer is supposed to go down!!!

Interestingly enough looking at last years blog posts we were in a similar situation. With cyclones and the odd dive here and there. The highlight was Andy's Black marlin he shot off Durban on the 23th ...tomorrow a year ago ..... Happy anniversary Andy!!!
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Notice to all Salty Divers!!

I am getting sample jackets for sizing. Please contact me on the weekend or next week. We need to nail down sizes and quantities ASAP. The response has been great ...we should have done this a long time ago .....

Cheers For now

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