Monday, February 18, 2008

Spearfishing Update


I was away this weekend up at Sordwana, the vis was epic and sea conditions good, but the South East plagued our efforts and we only managed to rustle up some Kakaap.

I heard the guys did dive here at home, not to sure what came out tho ..... probably more than what we got!!

Here is something of interest!!! this week end a year ago was when that guy shot that Marlin off Tiffs. Go and check it out!! The article on the Salties site was also pretty cool.
Black Marlin off Tiffs

Every once and a while Barry Paxman from Oz side sends me a pic ....of just another good fish. Its bloody painful ..... I think I am going to live in Oz!!

Barry Paxman with just another 'Good' Fish

Any way some good wests will bring some hope later this week.

All smiles,

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