Friday, February 1, 2008

Spearfishing - Large Cuta

Its every spearfishermans goal here at home to land a large cuta. Its like the bench mark of spearing ... well almost!! The thing is that you can have all the knowledge and technique down and be unlucky. Or even spend hours in the water, and still unlucky.

Then on the other hand you can be seriously lucky ... let me explain! A number of years ago, long before shooting cuta was a common thing, and we only dreamed of shooting cuta. Some of the mates went diving off a shallow point ... the usual hunting grounds when we were growing up. One of the mates invited a friend who had never dived before to go along and 'check' it out.

The long and short was that this chap in 5 m of water shot a 20 plus kg cuta!! his first ....... and here is the sad and irritating part ..... his last. He never dived again!!!??? Man that ate us up for years, I had spent hours in the water and had never even seen a cuta over 15kg .. man I was bleak!!

And then there is good old persistence and getting out there, some where along the line you will get lucky!! Like yesterday, lucky the fish swam in...yes, but it was also time out there in marginal conditions.

17,48kg Cuta

And here is a real cuta!! Mike Blake with a Big one!
We often joke that a cuta is not a cuta unless its over 10kg and a 'real' cuta is over 20kg.

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