Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No Diving is Making Me Cranky

The swell is still smashing the coast! There were some waves this morning but nothing special. It might get better on the lower tide. I am sure Durban beach front is going nuts!!

Its been ages since we dived at home ... it just has not been our season. The down side is that we are missing out on the best time of the year for quality fish!

Iain Ewing braved the swell and dived off the Bluff ... check his report:

Got out two beaut queen fish on Sunday 8 and 9kgs. Started with Garrick and Craig. Headed to Umkomass but the swell was cooking! To big to take the risk of launching so we headed back to Durbs and launched from Durban ski boat club. Gnarly launch and headed out to No1 in 28m of water. The water was BLUE to begin with but after three south north drifts the kak water started to move in. Binned the dive and went to have breakfast at DUC. We met Shane and two other divers who had got fish round the bluff. FK so we rested for an hour and launched again! Hehehe

Arriving around the bluff and clean blue juice! Top15m was very clean with the vis dropping dowm to about 3/4m on the bottom. Not sure if it was a thermocline or from the beeg swell running [ we have a little cyclone sell here at the mo] Guys where doing some filming of tow in surfing as we where trying to launch! Hehe

Craig did well getting out fish. Queenies pick handle and few cuda.. We all got taxed badly, I lost fish to the ever present [massive] zambos that where swimming in the murk below us on every drift. Got some good advise from Craig and did not let me fish get into the murk after shooting them. I shot both fish off the backs of zambos, the queens where swimming next two and behind the sharks. As soon as a fish was shot the zambos went shipo on payday! Very eerie trying to dive into the murk, I have never seen shark action that intense on the bluff! Or that close to land! But the fish where thick so that may explain it!

The other boys saw tunny and had shots at snoek and cuda. I dropped a good cuda on the last drift.

Nice drift for a south north reverse currant.



A west is supposed to pull in and sort things out tomorrow ..... lets hold thumbs!!


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