Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spearfishing Quiet

The sea was looking good, but with no current the fish are fairly scarce. The strang thing is that the south winds have actually made the sea green when blowing for more than a day.

I am not sure if it because they have not been real strong and arnt bring in the deep water, or if it is the water coming up from Durban side???

Anyway what will be will be!! I did notice that looking back at last years Spearfishing Blog that Morne climbed into some fish this day last year:
Morne Ends His Drought

Strange thats another fish that has not been around in numbers ...the ol Snoek fish!!
They made an early appearance and then seemed to disappear. Or is it that we are all just diving in the deep off there line??

Please dont forget that this Friday the 1st February is Salty Divers Club Nite. All are envited to come and join in. I will be showing some of our recent Mozambique spearfishing footage aswell, so it should be interesting!!!


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