Thursday, January 24, 2008

Should have Dived


Thats a nice way of saying what I really want to say. This morning was a pearler, unfortunatly when my alarm went off this morning at 3:30 all I could think of was the mountain of work waiting for me at the office. The thought of snorkelitus and tiredness later in the day with the amount of work needed to be done was not not inviting. So I thought I would be a good chap and get to work early and Klaap the work.

So just after 6 bells I get to work and guess what??
No freaking power!!!! I might as well have gone and dived and taken the morning easy. Any way I had 2hours to kill so I went past the spots and checked to see what came out. I was greeted by 13 cars of divers at Tiffs!!! Can you believe that??
I saw Guyla and he said it was quiet and he only saw a grunter, and as one of SA's best divers I know that if any one would see a fish it would probably be him.

Sheffield was not that worse off, the drop off looked like a line at a super market ........

So even though the conditions were Epic I am kinda stoked that I did not dive in the crowds, I would have only got seriously frustrated and peeved.

Lets hope LaMercy and Umlodti get clean and start to operate and take some of the pressure off the North coast.


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