Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gorilla Snot, Locked out and a Little Luck

Well I wasn't going to dive today, I got reports from 2 mates who dive late yesterday saying that the vis was getting bad, and there were no fish around. I had written off spearfishing and was about to climb into bed ..... it must have been almost 10 bells, when Robin gives me a shout and convinces me to go spearfish.

We have this shallow ledge a couple km up the beach and even in low vis you can have a good dive. The draw card was that Rob was going to drive up through the sugar farm to the spot and we would not have to walk there.

We got there before light, and the sea was looking real calm ... part of me would have liked to have taken my lighty surfing. Anyway we were about to get in when Rob mutters ... 'Wrong Freaking Key" He lock the car and took the gear lock key instead of the door key. I think we can all identify with the Kuk feeling that comes over you at this point.

Never one to spoil a party Rob says "lets just dive" and the plan was that he would hit the beach early and run back to his house about 4km away and fetch a key. I was a terrible idea as there was no way either of us were going to get to work on time. But we dived any way!

Getting beyond the back line I could sea the vis was marginal and with the sun not up yet I could not make out reef in only a few meters. When it got light the vis did improve but the Gorilla Snot was thick and reduced the vis considerably.

A short while into the dive our luck started to change, a hear some one call and it was a mate of mine Scotty who offered us a lift back as he had brought his van down as well, and was fishing off his ski.

My luck turned again and while on the bottom, tugging on the Ghost leader flasher a nice sized cuta came to have a look and I blasted him smack in the middle. The first thing that went through my mind was that Scott better come through with the lift coz carring this thing a couple km was going to a whole lot of fun!

So all worked out well I suppose, we were supposed to be walking and we wern't supposed to get any fish in that water. But we got back home (Rob did have to go fetch his car) and I got a nice cuta 17,48kg (will put a pic up tomorrow)

The east is going to blow so I dont know if the sea will improve ...probably not!
So tomorrow will be a rest day!!

Hey dont forget Salty Divers Club nite tomorrow at my place. I will be going through some Moz footage, and I will show the footage of this mornings cuta as well.



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