Monday, January 21, 2008

Cuta , Snoek and Good Weather.

For once the weather and vis was good on the weekend, something that does not often come together. I heard of guys getting fish from Umlodti all the way past Zinkwazi.
Some one on a Jetski lost a Marlin off Umlodti on Friday afteernoon and some good cuta came out as well.

The who were spearfishing on also got good fish, buy most of the cuta were shoal sized. I heard one chap got a full quota of fish at the one spot!!

I got a ride on a boat and went and did some exploring up north. We found some good reef with a ledge going from 15m to 18m, with some good cracks which looked perfect for Dagga when they are around.
I managed to get a cuta of 13.3kg, but considering the amount of fish around we should have seen more fish.

My mate Morne called me with an interesting story. He hooked up with another mate and Assassin of the Deep, Scotty. They hit one of the productive local spots and got into some snoek and cuta, only to have a hammerhead shark chomp down on one of Morne's snoek. But the story did not end there, some how the Hammer got caught up in Scotty's buoy line. You can only imagine the mayhem that pursued!!!

Anyway Morne managed to subdue the shark by wrestling it by holding onto its head and putting its tail between its legs. After a bit of a tussle he was able to cut the shark free from the line and send it on its way. Man I would have dug to have got that on film!!!

Scott ... I know a dive shop were you can get new line :-)

The east blew through Saturday evening and the swell had picked up a little so the sea was a bit of a mess on Sunday. Some guys still got in and some fish were still taken, but the conditions deteriorated quickly through the day.

That afternoon an old mate Ant pitched up at my house, a little bummed he had missed all the action and persuaded me to go for a dive. I could see that the water was seriously green, but I had promised to take him diving some time and there were fish around.
We hit a local spot and dived some shallow ledges in 10 to 15m. There was a terrible thermocline about 5m down and it was freezing on the bottom with only about 3-4m vis.

But all was not lost, Ant landed a cuta that was swimming on top of the thermocline. It was his first cuta so it was a good dive in the end. We joked on the way home, that Braidy (my 10year old son) would not be able to tease him any more because he had not shot a cuta and he had.

Here is a pic of Braidy and his first Cuta,
and Dad with two nice ones up in Mozambique.

It looks like it will only get good again later in the week, so keep and eye out.


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