Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Spearguns & a New Season

I have recently acquired some new spear guns from Rob Allen for our up coming Mozambique spearfishing trip. Nothing to out of the ordinary, but i have been keen to get them in a pool and just check that they are 100%. I think it is more for my confidence than anything else. I also dont want to get to Mozambique and jump into the water with a gun that I have never shot with before ...... to nerve racking.

Any way the sea made a small turn for the better yesterday and 'all of a sardine' I was juggling my last few appointments for the day .... actually it was quiet at work :-) but juggling sounds busy!!
And hooked up with a mate of mine for a quicky at a spot I like at a certain time of the day. I was about to take my trusty old Rob Allen 1.3m ...absolutely cant miss with it! When I thought ...'premo' opportunity to test one of the new spear guns.
I grabbed the new 1.3m caranx, everything 100% stock off the shelf. I normally shorten the rubbers slightly and use a slightly longer spear, but there was no time so took it as is and went diving.

The long and short is that I got 2 good size cuta hitting the spine on both fish!! On the bigger one the shot was a little further away and the spear only just pierced the other side. So I will be shortening the rubbers a little. But I have to say that the gun is 100s and I will probably not change the spear either.

Now were amped, so we get up super early and hit Tiffs before that Durban crowds hit the place. I decided to try the Rob Allen 1.3m Tuna this time. And again 2 good size cuta, not as big as yesterday but between 8 & 9 kg .... nothing wrong. And again I spined the one and the other was a perfect shot. I am tempted to shorten the rubbers ... but i know it is very easy to over power these guns, so i might just leave it for now.

Any way loads of fun and with the west due tomorrow maybe some more good water.



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