Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Earth Touch & Ponta Malongane in Southern Mozambique.

Ponta Malongane in Southern Mozambique is one heck of a place to dive during the early summer, a mate of mine is up there at the moment filming some footage for Earth Touch.

Check out the clips of some of the shark action. if you register and log in you will also get the commentary with the clip.

Masters of the Sneak

Crowd of Zambezi sharks - Check out the sailfish that swims in!!

The cool thing about Earth Touch is that it is fairly current. I think these two clips are only a week old. The guys at Ponta Malongane in Mozambique upload the footage via a satellite link. It is full on high tech stuff.

Graeme and Barry specialize in marine animals and both are spearo's so there clips are alway interesting.

Only 9 days then we are in Mozambique!!

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