Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spearfishing Update

Hey Guys,

Well the west is pumping and hopefully we will get some clean water this time. The last few wests have cleaned the sea but have not brought the warm clean blue stuff we had hoped for. I did get this spearfishing report from Craig Burmeister in PMB .. check it out .....they found some clean water!! ........

Just a quick report... John Little, Andrew Henwood, Hardus Bouwer and myself went out on John's boat Sunday as part of Midlands trials (which got cancelled, due to the other teams boat steering problems...) as we stopped to wait for the other guys behind backline at the Rocky Bay launch site we were greeted with warm blue water, sticking our heads over the sides with only our masks on we could see the ripples on the bottom in 15m ! We couldn't believe how the conditions had changed from the Friday and Saturday !!! We knew we were in for a great day's diving, calm seas, very light SW/S wind, crystal blue, water warm and not much current, wow when's last time we had that???

Anyway we headed out to Aliwal for some bluewater action, as we hit our line to drift outside the crown area we discovered that the current wasn't pushing slightly N to S, but sort of E / SE to N, bit of a bummer... not the magical N to S current, oh yes and the water temp. according to Drew's fancy watch read 24.5 - 25.5 d/Celsius!

As we hit the water, we were all laughing and screaming with amazement through our snorkels, wow man 30m+ viz, 25 dc, just like that - basically overnight!
We dived the NE Pinnacles in 110 Ft(Outside the Crown Area ofcourse) not much fish action, just a couple of Blacktips and Zambezi's checking out the flashers, Drew was hanging down at 25m when he looked over his shoulder he was greeted by a bus of a Tiger checking him out, he says that it was an awesome sight to see (?)(at 25m ???)

We moved onto 19 Fathom's, John missed 1 of 4 big Wahoo in a shoal, Drew says it was like watching a DVD, seeing John chase, then pulling the trigger only to have the spear on his 1.3m gun with break-away to fall short(His line was wrapped around his fin...) John later chased a big bull Dorado but couldn't get shot in.

Not much gamefish around due to the wrong current I suppose. We headed for Deep Scottburgh, conditions still great, John got a nice Kaakap, Drew got a nice Iggie and Drew saw a pod of dolphins with a shoal of 25-30Kg Yellow Fin Tuna just cruising behind them and of course he had just shot a fish and was franticly trying to reload his gun to try and get in a shot, but we all know how that ends...
We ended up with some nice fish on the boat, the sea just got glassier and glassier until the NE started blowing.., but what we all mainly spoke about was that warm, bluewater, top to bottom viz, truly amazing day out there, it's great to be alive!

Craig Burmeister

Pmb Underwater Club

So while we wait for the clean stuff, check out my Youtube clip of Morne and his Wahoo from a a couple weeks back. Also go check the Salty-Diver.com site there some new stories going up.



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