Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Spearfishing Fitness & a Free Immersion Freedive

We got into the water for the first time in over 3weeks here at home.... bloody sad!!
Any how the water was a fantastic 2-4m but the cloudy conditions made it more like 2m.

We went out to a ref at 10m and just did some training dives, trying to wash away the cob webs.
As far as Spearfishing goes, there was very little going on, the water was 19deg and even the reef fish were thin.

I have been training so my bottom times were ok, I did feel a little slow swimming out. I did feel it this morning, I went for my usual run and it felt like I had absolutely no power in my legs. This is a worrying factor! Even though I am running fit .... that has very little bearing on my diving stamina, what happens when we get a couple days in a row? Fatigue thats what , that damn lazy weight that hits you.

A bunch of us are going to be in Mozambique for a 3 week spearfishing trip, at this rate day 3 I will be sleeping in!!

Lets hope the dive improves here and we get some consistent diving in before mid December.

On the other hand check this vid out, a German freediver Andreas G├╝ldner on a -72m Free Immersion Freedive. The underwater-filmer was on -40m, so you can imagine how deep the dive is. Makes our deep 20 -30m dive look silly.


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