Wednesday, November 28, 2007

No Hope Spearo's

I hit the beach early to look for some surf, but the tide was high and the swell still a little bumpy. The vis was not as bad as I thought, and my first impressions where that there was some hope for the water.

I decided to hit the road and get some km under the belt for the week, especially since I probably wont get a chance to dive again for a couple days. That and the thought that in 22 days I will be in Mozam and need to be fit got my ass in gear.

The weather looked like it was clearing and I looked at the only slightly off colour water in hope that todays light east might bring a little clean water in as it pushes the river water back. But that did not last long, the rain came bucketing down after my run ..... at least it was after my run! Man it came down, I just hope it was just a local drench and not up in the catchment areas, otherwise we are fish curry for a week or two.

Only the Barbel are happy!!

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