Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Monster Garrick

Well it was;nt such a quiet weekend after all.
Craig Burmeister nailed this 19.1kg Garrick off Tinely.

Here is the storey ....

Was diving with Greg Bisset, Danie Van Huyssteen and Gregg Audie all the Midlands SU / Pmb Underwater Club guys! We dived the 16m+ most of the
morning and after Gregg Audie shot a snoek out there, I swam inshore to have a
look-see, water wasn't too bad out deep, maybe +/- 5-6m ? We got quite a few
nice bottoms. 19.100Kg Garrick after an epic 45 min walk back to the
bakkie... Tinley Manor, south of river mouth, 18.11.07,
+/- 08:00 Viz
2 - 5m Backline
+/- 5 - 6 m Deep
No snoek...

The last time I saw a monster garrick like this was acouple years ago diving Warren when he got a 19.5kg Garrick - click to check it out.

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