Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cuta Smile

Today was a special day for a mate of mine, he got his first Cuta! For some guys the first one comes easy, I remember taking a friend up to Sordwana on a trip once and he got a cuta on the second day of diving.

Willy's story is some what different, the damn cuta have just been elusive and lady luck has not been on his side for many moons ... that was until today.

I mean Will must have seriously got tired of all his mates getting fish, most guys would have just laughed off the whole thing and taken up bowels at the country club.

I think he might have actually come close tho ..... This last weekend at Cape Vidal Will watched Morne and I get some good fish. Ok Morne's was great!!!! Anyway Will had an opportunity on a bus Cuta and because of a faulty spear totally missed an easy make able shot.

I tried to sort the spear out and got it to at least go near the target. But that was not good enough when a Wahoo swam up to Will. The shot hit the fish, but not good enough and Will lost the fish. This was just another fish in the long list of fish that had gotten away.

So you could probably understand the frustration, anyway Will is a fairly persistent chap and heads out with another mate Hogga for a quickly before work. (maybe I am his bad luck??)
Morne and I dive at another spot and when I hit the beach there is Will waiting for us. I can see he is in an upbeat kinda mood, Not unlike a 'Jack in the Box' waiting to be released.

I cant remember how the news was broken, all I can remember is a big fat grin and the story of the one that did not get away. It was very cool as we all rejoiced in a mates good fortune.

I dont even think there was an ounce of jealousy (I am sure that deep inside we all want to be the guy who walks out with the fish.) Not today tho, just too stoked!

We have a little thing between the mates that a Cuta only counts if it is over 10kg. So there was much jesting, that fish was going to be under, and not a real Cuta. So when the scale was finally pulled out and the fish tipped the 10kg mark at 10.38kg there was lots of laughing and smiles all round.

And so it has been an interesting season for me, I have not been the one coming out with the scale tipper, or the record breaker. But I have been fortunate enough to share in others victories and mile stones. Its a privilege we have to share in others dreams and desires, and kind of makes it almost nicer to see your mate get the fish than you.

I did say almost ...... still tossing with this one. We will see the next time a fish swims past, will I point my mate onto the fish or will I quickly claim it.

We will have to see!

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