Thursday, October 11, 2007

Weather .. what the freak!

We were supposed to surf this morning but the east had already messed up the clean west swell. Not to mention the rain ..... and mud!!
All this, no diving and grey skies can make a man depressed!!

Things do seem a little loopy I read this this morning:

The National Sea and Rescue Institute (NSRI) has issued a navigational warning to all ships passing near St Francis Bay in the Eastern Cape, following a report of an iceberg on Monday.

Craig Lambinon, spokesperson for the NSRI told BuaNews Tuesday, that the maritime warning alerted all ships and vessels to be on the lookout for the iceberg to avoid accidents.

"We received a report from a fishing vessel, called the Ntini, late on Monday which spotted an iceberg 35 Nautical Miles from the Eastern Cape coast. According to the report the iceberg is 25 meters in length and 20 meters in height," said Mr Lambinon.

What next???

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