Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Spearfishing Ranking System

Hey guys,

If you are in the loop you would have got this email from Mark. Its the new Spearfishing Ranking System it runs over a 3 year period and accumulates the scores. An interesting way of doing things, I suppose it will show who is the most committed spearfiserman.

Go check it out:

Good afternoon fellow divers.
We have reviewed the ranking table and the current ranking method used and designed a new system that we feel is more accurate than the last as it combines a divers current form with his historical form and ranks him accordingly. Please view the below site to see how the new ranking is calculated as well as how the competitions are weighted.
The new ranking system was designed in consultantion with various divers, national selectors, national divers and SAUFF committee members.
The main criteria is to have a system that is as accurate as possible and we feel that this new system definitely reflects a more accurate measure of the divers taking part in the competitive areana.
Please view the new ranking table at or
Kind Regards


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