Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Giant Wahoo Dreams

With the summer holidays coming up, warm water and tropical dive locations ..... my mind is clouded with visions of Wahoo. I just hoping to spearfish just one Wahoo! I have got one of 24.5kg before so I am super keen to break the 30kg barrier, no harm in dreaming :-)

Giant Wahoo!! Either this guy is very small or this Wahoo is just a Pig!!!

You can see that it was probably caught on rod and reel. There is no holes and the streak lines down the belly are typical markings from the leader line.

But hang what a Pig!!!

World Record 83,46kg Wahoo caught off Pez Espada out of Cabo San Lucas

And here is a woman who broke 3 World records with this 180 pounder .... I want one just half that and I would flip!!
World Spearfishing Record for Wahoo - Bruce Gaudino 56.75 kg
And here is the Current World Spearfishing Record for Wahoo, caught off La Paz bay off the north end of Cerralvo Island. Damn!!

Gee I better get back to work and stop dreaming!!!

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