Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Filming Manta Rays

A large Manta Ray rolling over to take a look.

The fish might have been quiet, but there were loads of Manta Rays around to be filmed. There were some really large ones and we managed to get close to the Manta Rays on a couple dives. The one in the picture would roll over every time we came close, probably to get a better look at us.

A small Manta coming onto the flashers

The smaller Mantas were shoaling and there must have been 15 to 20 under us at one stage, but they were swimming quiet deep down and it was difficult to get a good shot of them. It was very interesting to see how the small Mantas were attracted to the flashers, bringing the odd on up out of the deep blue.

A shoal of about 20 small Manta Rays off the drop off at 5 Mile Sordwana.

Manta Rays are really amazing creatures to film. And with a bit of luck on our next trip we will get some more footage, enough to put a nice little segment in a dvd.

Back here at home the sea is muck and the Beast from the East is clapping it .... So not too much diving going on here.


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