Monday, September 3, 2007

Busting a Lung!

The week end has come and gone .. and there were some fish shot! Some guys got some Dagga on the containers off Durban on Saturday. So naturally we follow suit and head out there on Sunday.

I went with JP who knows the place well and we were almost the first guys there, thats if you dont count the 8 fishing boats looking for bait.

The containers are in about 24 meters and the water was yucky green ..... but hey you would see a dagga if it were down there. Any way we climbed in and started putting some time on the bottom. But after the 4 or 5 dive I could hear my breath bubbling, and by the time I got to the boat I was coughing blood!! I had stressed my lungs?? I think it is similar to intra-alveolar hemorrhaging??

What had happened was that I did not warm up properly, and the muscles around my lungs and my lungs had not stretched or warmed up. Normally we are swimming through surf and or pushing a boat, doing one or two shallow dives. But we jumped off the boat after launching off Vetchies with out even breaking a sweat. So I jumped straight in, breathed up and swam down to the bottom. I actually remember my first dive being quiet stained, but did not think much of it. I just thought it was because I had been a little lazy this past week.

Anyway long story short I am out of the water with a chest that does not fell 100's. Next time i think I am going to hit a warm up run on the beach or something.

Hope your week end was better.

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