Friday, August 10, 2007

Surfers Point - THREATENED

Surfers Point and Bog Bay two premier surf spots in Ballito are soon to be no more. Thats if the MONKEYS at the local council and their really SMART professional team get their way.

They are wanting to form a artificial reef in the way of an old ship or something. The idea is to have the reef block the surf from pounding the bathing beach.

Problem 1 : the problem with the lack of sand is not the storm we had but the rocks that make up the paddling pool south at Boulder Bay adjacent to Bog.

Problem 2: The last storm moved the Fame Wreck which was almost 1km our to sea. Whats going to stop a storm moving a ship inshore??

Problem 3: what is going to happen with the other beaches?? Who knows?? Hey it might make better waves ..... or totally destroy the breaks north??

The other bright idea was to put piers made from doluse (how ever you spell it) those 4 sided concrete star things like at Richards Bay harbor .... really nice to look at. NOT!!!

Other than that, life is great. There are some sand banks forming at surfers and there is some potential for some good surf soon.



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