Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Some Hope For Bog Bay

Last night was the meeting for the re-establishment of the Ballito Beach front. The meeting it's self was a bit of the ol Bla Bla Bla. But I did meet some interesting guys who are part of the task team involved with the whole process.

The one guy a professor and happens to be a surfer aswell was very interested in the Bog Boulders rock story. I am hoping that they will go with the idea of removing the rocks to see if it makes a difference, before sinking a barge or making an artificial breakwater in the surf zone.

Moving the rocks is a whole lot cheaper and will return the beach to its former natural state.

There was mention of making an artificial reef like down at St Francis, this would make great waves ...but I am not sure that these guys are going to go with it because it is huge tom.

Anyway the west is blowing and I guess that is a good thing! (I should be in the water and not at work!!!!)

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