Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Oh what a beautiful morning!

Damn ...... what a pearler of a morning!!!

It is a pity that the fish are so quiet, I kinda lost a little amp not seeing any fish the last 4 dives. And so decided to work and give the legs some rest. The wind might hold off and tomorrow might be another day. Saying that I am reminded of my Favorite saying ..."Tomorrow Never Comes" I cant tell you how many times I have left a dive till the next day and it does not happen because the sea turns.

Anyway ... Lets hope tomorrow does come.

Yesterday i posted a story about Braidy and his dive on Monday (gee this morning would have been great for him!!)
Anyway he drew this pic .. I think its classic notice the the hand holding the rock while he waits in ambush, and the King fish has now become an Iggie!!! Excellent!

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