Friday, August 24, 2007

Marlin Classic

Just sending a memo out to all persons again……..about the Marlin Classic on 22nd September 2007.

There have been a few changes namely:

It is going to be a biggest fish / gamefish only comp – this means that the biggest fish of the day wins 1st prize and due to a sponsor pulling out we have minimzed the prizes to as follows:

  • Biggest Fish-R5000.00 Value - (R2500.00 Cash and Custom Suit and Other)
  • 2ND Biggest Fish - (Gun and Custom Suit)
  • 3RD Biggest Fish - (Gun and Other)
  • Lucky Draws - (Gun and Other)
  • Anonymous Prizes - Decided on the day

Shirts will be included for those that have submitted entries before the end of August 2007 only, and it is advisable to resend your entry or payment to me as soon as possible.

Cheers for Now


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