Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Great Water = Happy days

There has been some good water around, unfortunately it has been extremely quiet. Yesterday saw the swell drop off enough for my son Braidy to jump in.

He is amping to get a Garrick and the swell that was still fairly strong could not put him off.
(I wonder where he gets that from??)

The last time we dived it was cold and green, so it was good to get in to some really clean water. Lemon Fish Reef off Boulders was like an aquarium with loads of bait fish around.
It was not long before Braidy was getting stuck into the Bugs ....... I think I am going to grow to like the idea of him filling the bag in future.

I got bored of trying to wait for Garrick and we headed out to the Reef, Braidy waisted no time nailing a nice Galeon in the head. Gee he was stoked!
On the reef there were alot of small reefies, but bieng about 6-7m it was getting a little deep for Braidy. He swam onto the pinnicle in about 4m, while I got the last few bugs to fill the bag. Next thing I see Braidy wreseling with his line, I go over to see whats up and he has a small King Fish reefed in a hole.

The shot was good ...through the head (I suppose no one told him to aim anywhere else)
He pipes up proudly, "I was hiding behind that rock and when they came past, I gott'm!)

As per usual we had to eat the spoils, and the little kingie was like pudding!

Braidy's first game fish

Happy days!!

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