Friday, August 17, 2007

Fantastic Friday

The sea was still a little bumpy this morning, and it was a little too early to see the vis. You will have to wait for the Sharks Board Report for an update. Never the less it is looking good for the weekend . Its about time we had something going, this whole week has been disappointing.

A couple of us are thinking of braving the long drive up to Vidal for the day on Saturday. I know its a long way, but I remember driving all the way there on the second weekend of August one year and getting some great fish including a 25kg Wahoo. So you never know whats going to happen.

One thing I do remember is my mate Andy after putting in a second shot on the Wahoo, swimming back to the boat ... which was a couple hundred meters away with no gun and a Tiger Shark in tow.
Copyright pic from Alistair Louw - Extreme Spearfishing Encounters


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