Monday, August 13, 2007

Beasterly Easterly

Well the Beast from the East was up early this morning. And so was the sun! The later being a good thing, it was about 5:50 when the early morning glow was on the horizon. Hopefully we will be getting in earlier making our before work dives a little more sane.

As for the Beast From The East ...... this is his time of the year as he makes war with the Gracious Whispers from the West ...(could not think of a better name) And it seems like they have issues because they just dont rest.

Although they must have gone to church yesterday because it was beatiful and still. As for the rest of the week there is a bit of east then some west a small gap on Friday hopefully and then they are back at it on the week end.

Anyway you can obviously see, by the nonsense i am writing, that there is not a whole lot going on in the diving side with the cold muck water we have. Hopefully the Garrick turn on and we can have some kind of excitment.

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