Friday, August 3, 2007

August and Spearfishng

Sorry that nothing too exciting has been happening over here the last few days, I have been under the whip at work. Added to that the sea has been not all that great, that kind of gives a little grace to the fact that I am at work already.

In August the weather should start to get into that spring windy mode, but this week saw only some light winds. Unfortunately it did nothing for the vis. The south is going to blow today and pick up on Saturday, you might get in early on Saturday tho. Sunday is looking good, I will unfortunately be in the berg freezing my butt off.

Then comes Monday! and those August winds kick in, with a nice north east to mix things up. The thing about spring is not that the wind blows its that often the east is up early as it gets light or it actually picks up in the night.

I keep telling myself that the north winds are good and it pushes the warm Mozambique water down for the summer cuta run. But for for now the only thing running is me, well trying to at least ....... need to be fit for end of year Mozambique trip!

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