Friday, May 25, 2007

Swell Stacked up and nowhere to go!

The swell is stacked up and has nowhere to break. If this morning was a year ago or we had banks usual. I would be writing to tell you how epic the surf is.

But as life has it I spent over an hour and 40km  in mileage to find that the north coast does not have a single break that is breaking. The swell is epic ..... 4-6ft with 3-5 wave sets and in beautiful lines. The tide was fairly low when I saw it and it just was not doing anything .... it is really sad.

On the up side you can see at some spots the sand banks are starting to form a little so, maybe after a few more cold fronts we will have some waves to surf.

On the spearfishing front .... nothing has being going down. Well not around here at least.

Will keep you posted.


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