Monday, May 28, 2007

Surf and Dive update

Hey guys,

How was your week end? Mine was great ... we went down on our churches family camp to the south coast and I managed to sneak some waves in before breakfast. On Saturday we surfed Banana beach and had a couple fun ones and on Sunday we hit what was supposed to be a secret spot ..... thats in plain sight and between 2 very popular breaks.

Any how we had a couple great waves and it was good to get back into the water again.

Only thing was that while surfing I was constantly aware that the water was crystal clean and warm. And knowing that the fish are on down there I could only imagine what the dive was doing.

Back at home a mate said that he had already got 2 Garrick on one dive off one of the points .... so they are around!!

The weather front today will blow east but looks moderate for the next few days ..... not much in the way of surf or diving tho.



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