Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bog, Surfers and Sunrise Point Breaks - will Ballito get waves this winter?

The BIG question? Will Ballito get waves this winter?

Bog Point, Surfers Point and Sunrise Point all have one thing in common these days ..... absolutely no sand banks!

I was chatting to an old local yesterday down on the beach about the condition of the surf. A good solid south swell was running and we should have been watching barrels breaking top to bottom off the the three points - (Bog, Surfers and Sunrise Point Breaks).

But instead we watched shifty peaks dissolving into foam balls. Its been two months since the storm hit us and in some places there is still no sand even on the beaches.

"Dog" as he is known by the locals piped up "after the 87 floods the banks at Bog and Surfers never fully recovered for years" So what is going to happen now?

My question is that surely now they ' The powers at be" will remove the Rocks at Boulders that were put into make a small paddling pool that restrict the natural flow of sand. Simon Bundy our resident environmentalist has alsready done a study on these rocks and has proven to some degree that they are not helping. I just wish some one would get off their A and do something!

Enough whinging  ... dis lekker in Afrika

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