Monday, May 14, 2007

Back from Bilene Mozambique

Hey guys,

We are back!!

Bilene in Mozambique was fantastic as always, and the diving was great. We had epic conditions for the first couple of days but got caught out towards the end of the trip.

The pearler condition however meant that there was little current, but Iain, Morne and myself still managed to get good fish each dive.

Morne took the cake almost every day topping his trip with a nice 21.8kg cuta ..... I almost got it on film, but was too busy filming spade fish ....!!!! You will have to wait for us to edit the footage!

I have started putting some pics up in my gallery.

A big thanks must go to Shaun for holding the fort while I was away, just reading throught the reports ... he did a smashing job. Thanks a mill Bud.

And so it seems that while we were away, you guys had some good times! I even heard of a chap shooting a 240kg marlin!! Stone dead!!!

Anyway, I will be trying to get in tomorrow as I have to gets some buggs for Robin Lavery's wedding on Saterday. (same time as the rugby final!!!) I guess Rob will find out who his real mates are???

Cheers 4 now

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