Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Whats up

Driving past the sea this morning the last thing I wanted to be doing was going to work!! Do you ever feel like that??

I know that the vis is not great for diving and there are no waves, but its a pearler again! And I kind of get that, "I am missing out on something" feeling.

Again the Zinkwazi is the only spot that is diveable, which is probably too far a drive for a quick one before work.

There are some south winds coming this weekend so hopefully we will get in ... some time.
It better come right .......I am getting miserable.


P.S check out this Comp running on the Fishing Corner Website!!

Fishing Corner / Gladiator Story Comp

Hi All would like to invite all registered users to join in the competition for free. Gladiator Lures has been kind enough to give us a large number of fishing goods to give away for two winning prizes. If you have not registered yet click here and register for free.

1.Log onto and have a look at there product range.
2.Wright a short story using the words Gladiator, Lure, Fishing and Corner
3.The two different prize categories are 1. A flowery tall story (Lie) or 2. Funny story.
4.You may enter both categories but can only win for one.
5.Post the stories on the site using the "submit a story" link when logged in and post it under gladiator lie or gladiator funny section – found in the drop down box
6.Give your story a title of relevancy and remember to use actual Gladiator products in your story!
7.Jas, Oliver and Shaun (Site Owners) cannot enter but will judge the stories with Jamie from gladiator Lures.
8.Must put your address and contact details at the bottom of the page (They will not be shown on the site)
9.Must Live in SA or have a friend in SA that you are willing to give your prize to.

Have fun righting and tell your fishing friends about the comp.

Best wishes

Fishing Corner Team
Shaun, Jasper, Oliver

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