Monday, April 30, 2007

Spearfishing Update & Salty Diver - Club Meet

Hey guys,
Well the long week end has been great, some diving and even some guys getting waves.
I almost did not dive on Friday, but a mate needed help skippering his boat. So in a flash I was out at sea, we had to change the temperature recorder off Sheffield beach. The water was not great about 4 -5m vis, but we were out there and in our kit so we jumped to try our luck. The first spot had loads of Tassles and Bronzies, but other than that was a bit quiet.
I had my 9 year old son Braiden with me and he was keen to get in so we moved onto a shallow point. It was almost time to go, when I spotted a good sized Rock Salmon. I normally send Braidy down on the fish, but they are usually very skittish. When I got to the bottom in about 4m of water I noticed the Rock Salmon saw not alone and had a shoal of small Dagga with it. It was a tough choice 4-5kg Rock salmon or a 6-7kg Dagga. I took the Dagga!
I hit the surface and told Braiden to go down and I watched him line up and just miss a good sized Dagga. After sorting out my line on my reelgun I dived down on a ledge only a few meters from where we saw the Dagga. The ledge turned out to have a huge cave underneath it jam packed with Dagga. I got another one, and Braiden tried but at 5m down and a couple meters into the cave I think it was a bit past his ability. 
The disappointment in his eyes as the tears welled up "I cant get a fish" Hopefully we can change all that up in Mozambique next week ..... smiles!
Diving from boat you can take 5 Dagga with only one large one. We could have taken more fish, but 3 was enough. My mate went into the cave, saw the fish holed up and felt sorry for them. He has only been diving for about a year, and has not had spent years struggling to get an elusive Dagga. I have never seen them like this and took the opportunity with both hands.
Tomorrow (Tuesday) looks like a bomb of a day for a dive with loads of good water around and moderate winds. I have not heard of too many fish coming out other than the odd Snoek or Cuta.
Very important!!!
This Friday is Salty's Club meet. It will be at my place in Ballito. I am going to trying to get some of the 'home' footage from some of the guys recent dive trips ..... should be a good watch!
Till then have fun and shoot loads of fish.
Spot Ya

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