Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spearfishing and Surfing Report

Hey guys,

The sea is not looking too bad. Its not crystal actually a bit green but it is diveable.

There is very little swell and the tides are high, so there is no surf at all. But it does make for good conditions for beginners.
I took my 10year old son Braiden for a dive last night .... before it got dark!!

We got our crayfish and he got a 600g crayfish in about 4m of water with no help from dad. After a couple dives I offered to help and he replied with a very clear 'No!' and went back down and wrestled the crayfish from its hole.

I am still however suffering from a nasty sinus problem, and my forehead does not release the pressure and I feel like my head is going to implode. And with a Mozambique trip coming up soon I will be nursing this sinus problem, and not pushing too many dives.

I will however continue to keep my eyes on the sea for you.


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Anonymous said...

Nice site. Thanks for the daily reports, it helps me plan trips. Good luck with the sinus.