Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spearfishing and Surfing Report

Well it was great to wake up to a brisk south westerly this morning. Hopefully it will clean things up for tomorrow, the wind looks like it will moderate and continue to blow gently through Wednesday. This could mean 2 solid days of diving ahead!!!

The cloud cover in the morning might be a factor with it only getting light enough to dive just before 6, the clouds could shorten the dive considerably. ...... Thats if you have to rush to work like me! :-)

Dive spots are still a problem with our local beaches still dodgy and access limited. A mate dived Tiffanies (brave boy!!) and said that the reef was very sanded up. I found the same thing at Christmas bay, all the mid depth 5 - 12m had been covered.

The feedback from the guys was that it was generally quiet this weekend. I suppose thats how it is in Autumn, but the south coast does start to operate so we will keep our ears open to whats going down.


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