Saturday, April 7, 2007

Hiberedene gets clean


I got a call from Mike on Thursday evening saying that Hiberdene was clean and that the guys smashed the fish. The East was pumping at the time and I was not totally convinced there would be any vis left.

But with being so desperate Mike , Morne and myself met at 4bells and headed down south. I was super keen to dive, I had a a new reelgun from Shane at Freedivers. A nice 1.2m with his new barrel, he also customises the guns for my shop making them all black with only a touch of grey on some of the detailing. Looks very mean!! I also have a few mods like a double wrap with a 30cm bungie between the shooting line and the line on the reel.

Anyway we got down to Hiberdene and did the usual we do we park, and jump in routine, and by the time we hit the beach it was light enough to see that the water was good. Super stoked I jumped right in and Morne and Mike headed up the beach a bit.

Not knowing Hiberdene all that well having only dived it off a boat during comps. I decided to head out to 16 -18m and try find some bricks or fish what ever came first. I know that there are some deep ledges out there, but all I found was sand in 18m.

On the 16m mark there was plenty reef scattered between the patches of sand, nice cuta territory. It was not long before a cuta swam past while I was on the bottom. And it was a good fish too! I little nervous, not knowing how the new gun was going to preform I did not get all that close to the fish. The shot was perfect and at full range. The fish tore line off the reel as I made for the surface.

If you have never shot a cuta or large game fish with a reel gun I can seriously recommend it. Its a Blast!

After a long tussle, due to the fact that there is less drag with out the fish towing a gun and bouy line around, I got my fish. Super stoked I looked to see were the boys were and they were way on the inside, and it was pointless trying to call them.

I strung the fish and reloaded the gun and continued to drift down the reef in about16m. I eventually found a good ledge with some buggs in so I hooked my buoyline into the reef and dive untethered with the reelgun. My flasher was tide to my buoy and it was great to have the freedom of all the line and having to fetch the damn flasher after each dive.

The ledge had some great buggs, a bit deep in the back of the ledge, but each dive resulted in a bugg. Thats when I wasn't dealing with another cuta that fell pray to my new Freedivers reelgun.

But my fun was short lived when a Hammerhead pitched up. It was not a big shark, and my first reaction was "hey there fella" ... I love hammers! But when he did not go away and kept harassing me, I decided I had enough fish and I had my bag of buggs so I packed up and headed for shore.

My T-boned friend stuck with me the whole way to the mid-break ...... very persistent! But all is well that ends well, 3 cuta 15.8kg, 11.5kg and a dart of about 7kg was great especially after not diving for almost 3 weeks.

I was also super stoked with the Freedivers Reelgun. It shot perfectly straight and very smooth, and the reel is super solid. All in all I give it a thumbs up BIG TIME.

On the weather side the south west is blowing and the sea is already looking like we might dive at home tomorrow! Let keep our eye on it .... and if not down south near Hiberedene is always an option.



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