Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dive report

Busy watching the opening scenes of Barret Harvey's 'African
Spearfishing Diaries' brilliant dvd. We watched it at Wahoo last nite
and the thumbs up by everyone there.
There is some great footage of Jaco shooting huge fish with a reelgun.
An art I am keen on perfecting. It seriously gives you the advantage
of not dragging a buoyline around, especially at depth.
I did manage to get some copies from Barret so if you missed out just
give me a shout.

On the water front the south is here and I think this weekend will be
a good one. You might have to travel south tho, thats if it does not
come right here at home.
Dont forget the Varsity dive comp. There are some good prizes up for
grabs and a very well organised jol after with loads of lucky draws
and other prizes.
Catch you later,

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