Saturday, January 13, 2007

Spearfishing and surf report.

Sorry 4 the late report. I was too busy diving! :-) I got in late
yesterday arvo at Tiffs and the water was good. But other than a shoal
of snoek it was very quiet. I had got to the backline on my way in and
thought I would head back out 4 one last look. I went to my bomb
snoek spot in 10m, and after my second dive saw a snoek cruising
below. Did the normal dive and chase and landed a long shot in the
fish. I realised it was a good size when it took me to my float. It
Was 9.6kg a new club the water is still good with only
one cuta coming out that I know of. It might have something to do with
the cold water on the bottom. Cheers 4 now Coatesman
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