Wednesday, January 31, 2007

North Coast Spearfishing Report

Hey Guys,
Well I woke up just after 4 bells this morning and was greeted by pelting rain and gusting winds. My heart sank as the conditions were looking very good last night.
But after a few calls to some mates (who dont mind being woke up at 4:30) I found out that durban was still with no rain. So I took the gap hoping that the conditions would mellow.
The sea was not as messed up as I thought and we got in. The vis was not too bad but the bad light made it gloomy. The current was humming south - north and this made for hard diving. I did manage to get a small 8kg cuta tho ... so all was not lost.
The swell did start to push and I would not be surprised to see it pick up through the day. Easterlies are predicted so we will have to hold on and see what tomorrow brings.

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