Saturday, July 29, 2017

Spearfishing Dog Tooth in Madagascar

CLICK TO VIEW - Spearfishing Dogtooth Tuna in Madagascar with MJK

Finally here is the spearfishing video from MJK's Madagascan exploratory trip he did with me at the end of last year. We found some crazy new spots far off the beaten track that had some amazing shoals of dog tooth tuna.
This trip was a little different as we spent alot of time looking for bigger fish. MJK only pulled the trigger 5 times on this trip and converted 4 fish losing only one to sharks. Pretty much setting the std now for landing doggies over 100lbs.


Friday, November 4, 2016

Floats and Float Lines for Bluewater Spearfishing

Watch the video here - Riffe vs Rob Allen vs Gannet Floats

Here are some basic tips on rigs for your next bluewater spearfishing adventure. I chat about choosing the best inflatable floats and why I would use them. 
Including how to combine them with different float lines and bungee cords.

I was not able to cover everything in this tutorial so if you have any great tips or tricks on blue water rigs please share them below.



Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Best of MJK's Spearfishing

Watch Video Here - Best of MJK Spearfishing

I have been very fortunate & privileged to follow Mohammed Jassim Al-Kuwari .. a.k.a  MJK around the world on some the craziest spearfishing adventures. Each year he has put time and funds aside to do something 'special' and this video is the culmination of the last 6 years of 'special moments.

One of the things you will notice in the videos is the amazing 'stone' or kill shots. Some guys think he is a bit of a freak.. and he kind of is. But what people don't realise is the time and effort he puts into getting these shots right.
From perfecting gear and testing them in pools and in the ocean, I have not met any spearfisherman with the same dedication and passion for getting it right.

So I guess this in away is an ode to MJK's passion and commitment to his love for spearfishing, I hope you enjoy it.

Have a watch and please leave a comment and let me know what you thoughts are.

Cheers and enjoy


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Spearfishing Castor Banks Madagascar

Spearfishing Dogtooth Tuna on Castor Banks Madagascar
If you are like most spearfisherman, ticking the Dogtooth Tuna box is high on the bucket list. Doggies however are pretty hard to find. Harder to shoot, and harder still to land. Making them the trophy fish over all trophy fish in the spearfishing world. That’s where my spots off  Castor Banks in northern Madagascar come into play. Castor Banks is a vast area, and I still have many secret places that don’t get any fishing pressure. This means that it is almost guaranteed that you will see lots of Doggies there.

We also have unique ways of approaching the fish in the area and some spots we even get the doggies to the surface. Watch the video

I will then personally guide you through every step of the way to shoot and land the fish of your dreams.

For more info go to: Spearfishing Castor Banks Madagascar