Monday, February 18, 2013

Black Marlin Speared On Shore Dive

Paul Jorge 86kg Black Marlin
Every year around this time something really special happens in the world of spearfishing up on the North Coast. Today was that day! Paul Jorge shot and landed an 86kg Black Marlin while on a shore entry up the coast.

His amazing feat is not with out a story tho, first he swam out in the dark to the back of Salt Rock reef, but found that the reef was quiet and decided to swim all 650m back in and find another spot.
He then drove up the coast and swam out at Sheffield, and soon found some Snoek. While subduing the Snoek the Marlin came in and attacked his flasher. He did a quick reload with his 1200 speargun and planted a good shot behind the head.

The shot however did not hurt the fish and it took off out to sea, dragging him out with it. Paul reckons it just did not stop pulling and he just got deeper and deeper out, almost drowning him a couple times! Eventually he subdued the fish and with some quick thinking instead of killing the fish he just turned the massive fish to shore and let the fish swim him back to the back line. I cant think of too many people who would have thought about that.

Well done to Paul on an amazing catch.

Now bring on the seared Marlin steaks!! I'l do my part and bring the soy sauce :-)

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