Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Zululand Spearfishing Turns On

25kg Zululand Wahoo 
Wohoo! Stands for Wahoo ....
Late winter is a good time for spearfishing on the Zululand coast, the return couta are usually the target species, but the later it gets the better it gets for Wahoo. Yesterday we headed up that way looking for Couta and found some Wahoo instead .... and nobody was complaining.

The guys up at Cape Vidal also got a couple nice big Wahoo yesterday and this is great news with the annual Wahoo Winter Gamefish spearfishing Competition taking place there on Saturday. I am sure with the news that the Wahoo are there its going to be an absolute cracker of a comp.

Who knows maybe this is going to be the late winter we have all been waiting for.


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Anonymous said...

prety wahoo.