Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Croc Couta Down South

Wayne with 26.5kg Croc Couta caught off the lower South Coast
Its the time of the year when the South Coast starts to come alive. With the prospects of Sardine shoals game fish from up north migrate down to the Transkei to feast, and following not too far behind are the fishermen.
I have a mate who lives down in Port Edward that has been spearfishing and fishing the area over the last few years, and by his own admition its not the easiest place to work out. But for the past few years his and his clients success's have been improving to the point where he is saying ,"I know where the Couta are" with a big cheesy grin.
Anyway this past week saw some good fish come out some were over 30kg. Wayne managed to get his clients a 26 and a 19kg fish, that and some other quality fish that filled the hatch.

At the moment the north coast is quiet and the sea rather unsettled, I am probably going to twist Waynes arm to take me out down south if things dont look up this side soon. Wayne does both fishing and spearfishing charters ..give him a shout on: 084-616–3295

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