Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spearfisherman Speared

This spearfisherman that got speared cant be the happiest chap around.
I got sent some pics of some spearfisherman who got shot with a speargun, the spear went right through his shoulder. I dont have any details on this indecent, so if you have any info please just write a comment and let us know.
Damn.. they must have butched his suit to get the spear out of his shoulder!
I guess this is a cold hard reminder that spearguns are extremely dangerous, and not to be careless about how we dive ...... Ouch Big Time!!



Unknown said...

Happened end of last year in Albany, Australia. Was 2 buds on scuba. One guy had a gun and tapped his mate on the tank to get his attention and the gun went off. He is fine and it was not too bad. They still dive together.

craig said...

serves them right for carrying guns on scuba dive!!!