Sunday, February 27, 2011

Marius Charging the Cyclone Swell
This past week saw loads of clean northerly swells march in from the cyclone off Madagascar. The easterly winds also persisted, but every morning there was a light off shore that made conditions perfect for surfing. The sea temperature was still low but it did start to increase towards the end of the week.

This meant that for most of us we put away our dive gear and waxed our surf boards. We had some epic surf sessions and were fairly content, well that's until we heard that the guys who were diving the Bluff off Durban were climbing into the shoals of Couta, and that the water was clean and warm there.
Kyle Yoko loving the clean conditions
This weekend was another pulse in the swell and we were all set for some more surfing as the water looked green at home on the Friday evening. To our surprise the sea was warm and clean ....really clean! I had already committed to taking photographs and tried not to get too distracted with the fact that I was missing epic diving conditions.
Super Clean Water ..... I guess we could have been diving!
So after a day of fining in the break-zone trying to fight my way into position to take some surf pics ... and not really getting what I was after! You can only imagine my disappointment when I heard that some mates had nailed it big time off Umhloti. They apparently loaded up on some good sized Couta and other pelagics and were almost at their limit when they beached at 9:30!

Looking at the forecast there is some more swell predicted and some more light and favorable conditions for the surf. I know there will also be some good diving as well. Which one? Will I make the right call this week??

Welcome to the spearfisherman's dilemma.

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