Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Spearfishing Update

The spearfishing on the coast the past few months has been dismal, we finally now have some good vis which at least means we can get in for a dive.

With it being quiet the week before last we headed up to Vidal. That too was quiet, and there had only been a handful of fish caught over a whole week by the fisherman. We got some great pics of sharks and the guys saw a big Marlin out in the blue. Some other divers also reported seeing a marlin over the same time.

Ben and a cruising shark - pic Morne Muller
I headed out to the Bluff yesterday hoping to find some action with Ryan Bermiester and Brod Whitiker. The water was ok and it was good to do some diving. Ryan took me to some of his spots, and I have to say the Bluff has some impressive structure. the fish were scarce and we scratched around a bit. I did manage to get a good sized Mallabar Cod of 14.3kg, I almost did not get the fish as it bolted the moment it saw me.

Mallabar Rock Cod shot off the Bluff
On the bright side it looks like the sards might make an appearance and the conditions seem to be looking good for a trip down to the south coast.

Fingers crossed.


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