Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spearfishing Update

Hey Guys,

Sorry for not posting much over the last few weeks. Its just that there has been very little going on in the spearfishing world up here on the North Coast.
There have been the odd day that's been dive-able, but unfortunately not many fish to speak of.

There have been a few couta shot off the Westbrook - Umhloti streach last week. But nothing this side!! The paddle -ski guys have been getting good sized Couta off Zinkwazi, but the water there has been rather green and no chance of getting a dive in.

I am sure that the action will turn to the south coast now as we get closer to the sard season. I heard that Scotty's has had some clean water. And it wont be long before we get rapports of good Couta there.

A mate down at Port Edward caught a 22kg Couta a couple days ago so the big fish have already reached the Kei, so I am sure as soon as they get some clean water there the guys will get some fish.

Next weekend is the annual pilgrimage to Vidal for the Winter Game Fish Comp. This should be a blast as always and it looks like there will be some good diving too. There have been quiet a few reports of good fish up there, mostly shoal fish ...but fish never the less.

I hope to see you there


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